We wanted to keep our membership fees as low as possible, but the reality is they will only cover a portion of our tifo, banner,
drums, flags, and other matchday costs. The premium membership is a way to donate to the Battalion cause, and we
include the extra items as a thank you for your additional support.

Select your membership
Basic Membership $15.00 Premium Membership $65.00 Make a Donation

Includes access to tickets in the
Tower Bridge Battalion
section and a TBB scarf

Includes access to tickets in the Tower Bridge
Battalion section, a TBB "founding member" scarf, a TBB
t-shirt, and a meet-and-greet with Coach Preki
and Republic FC players.

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Code of Conduct:
The Tower Bridge Battalion will passionately and aggressively support Republic FC, standing, singing, shouting,
yelling, and backing our club and our city for the full 90 minutes. However, we will not tolerate violence, sexism, racism,
homophobia, or other types of patently offensive behavior and reserve the right to revoke anyone's membership who violates these principles.